Electronic Data Exchange

Student mobility supported by data portability

The ARUCC PCCAT National Transcript Standards and Transfer Credit Nomenclature Study validated the community’s support for advancing student mobility through secure, validated, and trusted data exchange. Two international initiatives focusing on this area include the Canadian P20W Education Standards Council User Group (CanPESC) and the ARUCC Groningen Declaration Task Force (the “Task Force”).


CanPESC is a national working group comprising representatives from application centres, allied organizations, and institutions from across Canada. It encourages the development and implementation of PESC XML data standards across the country and facilitates quality practices and student mobility through validated, consistent, and flexible data exchange. The following webinars are available for those wishing to learn more about PESC XML.


XML PESC Overview

XML PESC - Part 1

XML PESC - Part 2

These videos were prepared by the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) in 2014 as a university resource during the OUAC’s Application Management System (AMS) Project. This systems upgrade project enables XML data distribution with Ontario’s twenty universities.

Groningen Declaration

The Groningen Declaration Network is an international organization that “…seeks common ground in best serving the academic and professional mobility needs of citizens worldwide by bringing together key stakeholders in the Digital Student Data Ecosystem.” The Groningen Declaration supports the international mobility of people, promoting education and economic development worldwide by exchanging postsecondary data electronically. For Canada, the ARUCC Groningen Declaration Task Force, launched in 2014, is mandated to champion the engagement of Canadian institutions in the implementation of the Groningen Declaration by fostering an ethos, culture, and network that removes impediments for data portability, and provides the foundation for student mobility. These benefits will be realized throughout the various educational jurisdictions across Canada by fostering a pan-Canadian model of electronic data exchange that will serve Canadians and the world.